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"A' La" Fencing Instruction

Where," Fortune Favors The Bold "

 Competitive Foil Fencing Lessons

About Us

    Let me tell you a little about myself and why I started "A' La" Fencing Instruction. "A' La" is a French phase, which some fencers shout when they score a touch or point against there opponent, like the phrase, "Touche". Translated it means, "in there". It's like saying "got you".

    I started fencing at the age of 16 in Brooklyn for my High School, and then for College and in the AFLA, which is now known as the USFA. I also teach fencing in a program at Belle Terre Elementary School in Palm Coast, and for Flagler County Adult & Community Education. I'm also a member of USFA and the USFCA.

    One night I was fencing and a parent came over to me and asked if I would work with her son's, I said sure. Later she came back and asked me if I would give her son's lessons. I said I don't give lessons. She explained to me they were fencing competitively, I thought about it and I said yes. I said yes for two reasons, one, I love fencing and two, because of the two gentleman who had started me fencing, Cottrell Jones and Roy Green. They were more than coaches they were also mentors. I decided to give to others what they had given to me and so many other fencers.

Tyrone E.Alleyne

( Coach Tea )